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Boxing Day in the Sun - Adelaide Day 7

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26th December 2008

Naughty naughty - a sleep in and it puts us behind on our plans for the day.

Adelaide is in very close proximity (for those not in the know) to the Barossa Valley - home to a number of very fine Australian wines. It would be just too rude not to visit right??

Its a hot day mind so I'm not sure my body would cope with drinking copious amounts of wine and no water... we'll see!

The Barossa is about an hour and a half's drive from Vivi's and our first stop is perhaps one of the most famous of them all.. Jacobs Creek! Although to be fair, the fact that they export the majority of it would suggest that the Aussies aren't too fussed about keeping it a secret! Still, doesn't stop me fancying a Shiraz or 3!

With the money they have made over the years, they've been able to install a proper visitor centre and even on Boxing Day it is busy with people! Obviously lots of others have the same idea - including people from Vivi's course! We make a sharp exit!

We then head on through the town of Tanunda, stopping at Peter Lehmann wines. My friend, Deborah, has already informed me that I have to try a sparkling shiraz (not something you see every day!) and so with it on the wine list, I have to have a try (along with 3 others, one an 1885 vintage that blew my head off!).

I was so taken with my sparkling 'shirley' shiraz that I had to buy a bottle for my trip to Sydney the following week - my New Years treat! Odd to have a sparkling red wine but definitely not wrong!

Vivi has whipped us up a picnic (whilst I was still in bed.. rude!) so we sit in the shade by the gardens at the Peter Lehmann vineyard and enjoy the peace and quiet. Its not as busy as Jacobs Creek!

We head on then to Chateau Tanunda which is a collection of vineyards but I think my tasting is done for the day. I'm clearly too much of a lightweight today! But I am forward thinking about the fact that I'm on a bus tomorrow morning really early - pick up is 6.45am... eek!

Time to head back and pack my bags (after a bit of a siesta..!) - my time with Vivi is coming to an end and I'm gutted to be leaving this little haven - home for me in Australia and heading back out on the road :(

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Christmas Day in the Sun - Adelaide Day 6

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25th December 2008

Merry Christmas everyone!

I get chance to ring the folks this morning and listen in to the excitement that is Christmas in the McDermott - Higgins household! This will be my first year being away from all that.. how weird!

Viv and I have a light breakfast outside on the patio (!!) and open our presents. Would you credit it, we've both bought the same Jurlique present for each other!! How funny! Looking forward to using proper face cream again!

We head off for a walk down Henly beach which is bizarre as I hear more English voices than I do Aussie! Lots of people setting themselves up for a day on the beach with BBQs and picnics.. this is the life!

We get back and prepare the dishes for lunch before Viv's friends join us. From 3pm until about 7pm we graze on a buffet of ham, turkey, smoked trout pate, salads of all varieties... mince pies, christmas cake...! I will have to be rolled onto the bus by the time this week is out!

Our waifs and strays toddled off about 8pm so I cleaned up and then Viv and I finished opening our presents - a red cross parcel from home which even had percy pigs in! I love my Mom!!!!! They'll do nicely!

Not such a sad day after all and helped even more that I could see the family back home via webcam! Only wish I was there to play the new XBox with Sean! Nevermind, I'll just allow him the time to practice until I'm home!

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Christmas Eve in the Sun - Adelaide Day 5

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24th December 2008

Awake early this morning - you'll be pleased to hear - to help Viv with some last minute preparations for our Christmas "Waifs and Strays" lunch tomorrow.

First stop, Burnside and the usual expected Christmas Eve rush (although for prawns rather than turkey!) and then the supermarket. We then head onto Stirling in the Adelaide Hills for a pitstop of coffee and cake at the Organic Market - what a treat!

We returned to Toorak Gardens via a garden centre to pick up some presents for Viv's friends and with the heat, both of us felt the need to rest up this afternoon for a few hours. Amazing how the sun gets to you (oh poor me...!) and how it zaps your energy! Honestly, I'm not just being lazy!!!

We had some prawns for our lunch today - beautiful!! Yay - i can tick the box which has "prawns on the BBQ at Christmas"! That one's for you Dad!

Viv and I then headed off to a Christmas Eve service at the local monastery - an outside service (that'll be a first for Christmas for me, its usually freezing!) which, watching the sunset and the stars come out as carols were sung was actually pretty beautiful and I will admit I shed a few tears for the family back home who I feel so far away from. A pretty special experience though.

What was great to follow that was being able to chat online to the family back home via webcam! Great to see them all preparing for the madness ahead!

I have been dreading being away for Christmas all along so I'm hoping that I'm not in too bad form tomorrow but Viv is in the same boat so we can share our woes together!

Better get some sleep before Santa on his surfboard heads my way!!!

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Adelaide - Day 4

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23rd December 2008

"Show me the way home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed...." I haven't had a little drink an hour a go and it hasn't gone to my head BUT I am absolutely exhausted. I know that most of you have absolutely no compassion for the fact that I'm tired given that I'm living the high life the other side of the World but I have to say, I didn't catch on that travelling would leave me so utterly shattered!

Thankfully, I have the opportunity to relax here (and eat fruit loaf!) and so I felt I needed to make the most of it - despite missing out on the sights of Adelaide I'm ashamed to say.

The Aussies love their US chat shows so I just had to sit and watch Ellen and Oprah with a cup of coffee. Oh to be able to relax :)

It wasn't all lounging though. I did venture out - I had spotted a cupcake stall at Burnside and having seen and read so much about cupcakes from the Sex and the City programmes, I just had to try one... I think I was disappointed but I can see what the hype's all about! One of the ladies in the shop was from the hairdressers next door and so she made me go in and meet her parakeet bird thing called Shelby!!!

After a shopping session (oh so hectic!), I retired back to Viv's and helped her work out her ipod! Too easy!

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Adelaide - day 3

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22nd December 2008

Vivi has to go to work today so I need to go exploring alone! I decide on a trip into the City to check out the shopping but I'm distracted by my opportunity to sit with a cup of coffee and a television which allows me to watch US chat shows... wrong!

I finally get motivated and head into Adelaide. My first stop is the tourist office as I'm keen on trying the dolphin swimming and my 'groovy grape' tour from Adelaide to Melbourne later in the week. Unfortunately, despite getting an email about 2 hours ago to the contrary, the dolphin swimming is now fully booked and so I've missed my opportunity - darn that coffee and chat show madness. Still, I did manage to get the last spot on the Groovy Grape tour so I finally have a way of getting from Adelaide to Melbourne without having to spend a fortune on air fare - I knew I should have booked it earlier!!

I head off for a look around David Jones (think John Lewis) and marvel at their food hall with all their Christmassy stock - but its warm outside!! I think about buying Viv a gluten free christmas pudding but decide against it seeing that its about 30 pounds!!

My shopping ability has deteriorated rapidly (yes, it is true) and so I'm soon heading off back to Burnside for a look at finding something for Vivi for Christmas. I decide upon some Jurlique (a local South Australian face care range) miniatures, given that Vivi is going back to the UK for 6 months and will be travelling around a fair amount and a new cook book by local legend Maggie Beers (a bit like Martha Stewart or Delia Smith)! Burnside even have a free present wrapping facility - I could get used to this.

I get back to Toorak Gardens and prepare dinner for Vivi - the least I can do for being allowed to live in such comfort for a week!

Spent the evening catching up on my emails and chatting to people back home! How quickly the days go by!

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