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1st December

Everybody is looking just as good as I feel this morning so I'm content that I'm not the only one suffering from the early start.

My next stop is a town about 2-3 hours north of Brisbane, Noosa Heads, playground of the rich and famous of Australia and boy I can see why! After a short detour to see the Glasshouse Mountains just north of Brisbane (there is an aboriginal dreamtime tale about how they were formed and they are considered to be just as important as Uluru), we arrived into Noosa at about 9.30am.

I was joined at my accommodation by Daragh (Co Kerry in Ireland), Juliana (Brazil) and Ina (Hamburg, Germany) who were also on the OzE bus. Daragh was meeting up with some friends so Juliana, Ina and I decided on a tour of the shops! Again, some window shopping but there is a very good vibe about Noosa - the properties are all pretty much in the $million category and the shops pretty much accompany that vibe.

The main street has some great cafes where people sit outside and watch the world go by - very chilled and quite a marked contrast from Surfers Paradise!

This afternoon Juliana, Ina and I, joined by Kevin from France (never heard of Kevin being a French name before!!!) for a walk through the national park area of Noosa Heads - a great place to see koalas in the wild apparently, and dolphins - I'm determined to see both!

The walk follows a coastal path past a number of beaches and to a point where you can view marine life - about 5 miles round trip in total I'd say. Get me being such a bush sheila!

No dolphins or koalas to report of I'm afraid to say but saw some stingrays and turtles from the headland and lots of lizards! Thankfully no snakes, even though we had been warned about them!!

My feet are starting to resemble trotters - they are so puffy! The walking and the heat are not helping one bit, I bet I wouldn't be able to totter around the town in Jimmy Choos now (darn!).

Juliana and I booked the shuttle bus to take us to Australia Zoo for the following day (Steve Irwin's place) so it was time for an early night - all this fresh air gets to you! Plus the early starts don't help!

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Surfers Paradise... to Brisvegas!

sunny 32 °C
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30th November

Sunshine!! Definitely a trip to the beach called for. With so many thousands of kilometres of beach on offer on the East Coast of Australia, I'm afraid you are going to get sick of me mentioning white sands and warm oceans. You will be pleased to hear that the further north I go, the less likely I'll be able to enjoy the beach because its box jellyfish season - and I'm not messing with them for love nor money!!!!

Georgie and I head to the beach for a wander again but this time with the sun shining! It makes such a difference! The beach at Surfers was packed out with people drinking 'Goon' - oh dear, it really should be banned but its litres of wine in cardboard boxes which seems harmless until you read the small print "made using fish heads, eggs etc..." NICE! I have tried one glass and I think I'll leave the rest for the Schoolies!

Stopped off at Baskin Robbins for a disgustingly nice ice cream - its got to be done and time to head off back to the hostel as I'm getting back on the OzE (Oz Experience but can't be bothered to keep typing it now!!) bus. Was picked up by 'Binx' the driver from Surfers and we made our way a fairly modest distance to Brisbane - about an hour and a half up the road.

I found myself staying in a small dorm with very little sunlight or cool so was quick to dump my bags and get out into the City! I was pointed in the direction of a nice walk to the South Bank (very similar to London's with a few theatres and stages for things - also home to their version of the London Eye!). I didn't feel quite so happy wandering in the dark on a Sunday night off the main roads as it was so quiet so visited a part of the South Bank which is home to a multitude of restaurants and stopped off for some tea.

Brisbane is only home for a short 1 night stopover which I'm sure isn't doing it justice. What I am finding very disturbing is the fact that there are Christmas trees and decorations all over the place and yet I'm walking the streets in t-shirts and light clothing.... Quite a different offering to New York which is where I was exactly one year ago - (get me with my jet setting!).

Managed to get online this evening to chat to home and friends online so my aim to get into bed early for my 6am bus (yes, thats 6 am - the middle of the night where I come from!) was foiled. I will not be happy when the alarm goes off 5am and I've only been in bed for 4 hours!!!! What a rock and roll lifestyle - I guess at least I won't have a hangover!!!

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Surfers Paradise

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29th November

A group of fellow travellers decided on a trip to Carrara markets this morning so decided to join them. Cliff, the owner of the hostel, took us there with his wife, daughter, mother-in-law and father-in-law - talk about ring and ride!!!

There wasn't much to talk of at the markets - lots to look at and certainly helped to be able get a nice flat white coffee to start my day off but I wouldn't be going rushing back now. In actual fact, the things on offer weren't really that cheap and so we headed off to Main beach in Surfers to see what else was going on.

Well, the bad weather was following me again, still quite warm but overcast. Still, the surfers themselves were good to watch!! Myself and Georgie walked along the beach taking in the sights and sounds of the continuing Schoolies carnage and the Surf Rescue teams who were in and out of the water demonstrating their prowess!

Headed on to the observatory level of 'Q Deck' which is the tallest residential building in the world - sadly no famous people in the penthouse! It wasn't such a great time to be looking around with the clouds but still a good view.

Time for some lunch and some window shopping and then headed back on the bus to Southport. We arrived back at the hostel just in time before the heavens opened!! I haven't seen so much rain fall in such a short space of time! But its still warm - whats that all about!!!

After the crazy antics of last night, Georgie, Jamie and I decided upon take-out thai food which was delicious - nice to sit and chill out for an evening with some good people to talk to!!

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Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise

Lighthouse, turtles and pints of Guinness!

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28th November 2008

I was awoken at about 3am to Marco and his broken English, "hey, you are in my bed, hey"... Transpires that the hostel had overbooked so now it was 5 men and little old me! It was so random and bizarre that I got the McDermott Shaky Shoulders! Sleep, need more sleep!

Woke up nice and early to give myself time to have a shower and pack up my things. Finally a beautiful day in Byron Bay! I just had to do the trip up to the lighthouse so flip flops on, I started my 4 mile hike! The beach is just amazing as you'll probably see from the pics but climbing up to the lighthouse in the heat of the sun didn't exactly float my boat - consider it a favour to all of you back home in the cold!!!

Saw a beast - if I didn't know that Komodo Dragons were limited to Indonesia and the zoos around the world, I'd have been convinced that I'd just encountered one. He was about 3ft long and about as wide.... my first encounter with wildlife - i'm sure it won't be the last! I suddenly gained lots of speed - Linford Christie eat your heart out, I think I could hear the Benny Hill theme tune ringing in my ears.

Went and got my luggage and waited for the bus which (being 30 mins late), I had decided I had missed and that I was fated to stay in Byron. But my luck changed and the bus turned up - my first leg on the Oz Experience. Our chauffeur for the short trip (1 and a half hours) to Surfers Paradise was Guido who delighted in telling us plenty of random Michael Jackson jokes!

Arrived in Surfers and was picked up from the transit centre by Jamie and Nick from Trekkers - from the minute I got in the van, I knew I was staying with like-minded people and I was delighted! It was Nick's last night in town having worked for Trekkers for a while so they were heading out to town for a few drinks and I was invited.

Got into my room and got settled when I was joined by another new friend, Georgie, who I instantly clicked with. I made Georgie (yeah right, like I had to put her hand behind her back!) come along for drinks too and a crowd of us hit Surfers.

Being Schoolies week - Surfers was utter carnage but so fab - bright neon lights and loud music - a total contrast from Hippyville Byron and I loved it! I was told that Bali was the Ibiza of the East but this is it!

Wasn't too much of a heavy night but sufficient to give us all plenty of laughs and unfortunately plenty of evidence from the photos that are now floating around facebook!!!

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Byron Bay / Lennox Head

A little bit of home!

semi-overcast 29 °C
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27th November

Still a bit overcast this morning but it wasn't going to stop me on my mission to enjoy myself although I'm getting slightly concerned that there really is some kind of curse following me!

Today I'm braving the local post office to send home the tourist 'tat' that i've bought for the kids back home! I think I did ok in only spending $20 on air mail?!!! I then jumped on the bus (get me!) to Lennox Head - about 12 miles south of Byron Bay and somewhere I've been before on holiday with my Mum! It used to be the home of my Mum's cousin, Vivi, who is now living in Adelaide (where I will be spending Christmas! Can't wait!).

It hasn't changed one bit! Still has the most amazing beach (the sun was coming out, even better!) - Seven Mile Beach - which apparently is in the Top 10 Surf Beaches in the World... get me! A very quaint relaxed feel about the place.

Took some photos to show the folks back home and then jumped back on the bus. I was hoping to meet up with my cousin Tina's best friend Claire who was staying in Byron Bay. Anyways, turns out she's staying in Lennox anyway and so launched myself off the bus before it was too late and headed for a few beers with Claire! It was so nice to catch up with someone who was familiar with back home! Especially who knew my family too! We had such a good old chat over some Pure Blonde beer (even better!) - a welcome change from the hassle of Bali the week before!

Returned to the hostel and chilled out with the lads (!!) get me, i'm such a traveller already. I also had to repack all my stuff again for travelling on the next day - I know I will get bored very quickly by all that and am starting to regret packing the kitchen sink into my case! Oh well, might banish a few bingo wings before I get back.... Heave ho!

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