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Sydney - Day 7

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5th January 2009

My last full day in Sydney - I can't believe it has gone so quickly!

My first stop is the post office as I decide my bag needs to get a bit lighter (even though the wine and christmas cake are no longer an issue). I'd thought ahead though last night and collected together eligible items for sending back to the UK - things I can handle letting go into the powers of air mail! I buy myself a box and my parcel weighs in at just short of 4kg - woo-hoo, now I can buy more stuff!!

I make my way to Circular Quay just in time to jump on the Bondi Explorer. The route is pretty but I decide that, given my lack of time today, I may as well stay on all the way to Bondi. Thankfully, the bus driver stops at a few key places to allow us to take some photos.

So Bondi - its a beach but from the route I've taken in Australia, I've certainly seen more impressive ones! However, it's an icon so I take a few snaps and decide to head off on the 3.5km coastal walk around to Bronte beacch which Vivi has recommended to me. There's a lovely breeze but I'm not taking any chances and keep my hat firmly on! Its an easy walk and I'm at the next bus stop on the route in time to head more or less straight back to Circular Quay.

Timing is on my side today clearly as I jump off the bus and straight onto a Manly ferry. I'm told that Manly is a preferred option to Bondi but given that Manly is also overrun with people today, I can't say either way! What I can say is that 'Ive been there and done it' but I'm content to turn around and head back to Circular Quay and indeed my apartment.

I'm exhausted and I have to pack and clean. I do have enough time for a snooze though! I make myself some tea, pack up my things and head back into Circular Quay to take some "Sydney at night photos" - I could just take a couple of those joke pitch black shots but it'll be nice to see at night.

I speeak to Vivi and wish that I was going back to Adelaide instead of venturing into the unknown of New Zealan but I know that she's heading off herself soon.

I've had the most bizarre week - the last time I was in Sydney I couldn't get enough of the place and felt that I'd left a piece of me here. On returning, I feel empty - wheteher thats because I'm exhausted, homesick or maybe just out of sorts, I don't know.

What I do know is that I wouldn't want to return to this City alone again. I need to share the buzz and excitement of it with someone and above all else, I'd pay the money to enjoy NYE in style!!

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Sydney - Day 6 (Blue Mountains)

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4th January 2009

I'm such an intrepid explorer that today I'm up at 7am so I can get into Central and onto the 8.18am train to Katoomba (gateway to the Blue Mountains for those not in the know!). I get myself a seat just in time before the train packs out which, being a two hour journey, I wouldn't be so happy about standing all the way for!

Being such a tourist centre, Katoomba has its own hop on hop off bus too which is included in the price of my train ticket (double prizes!). The pocket guide that you're given is realy hepful telling you exactly what you should do based upon the amount of time you have in your schedule.

I figure I should head to the Katoomba Cascades, Baggie bird in tow and then onto Scenic World which incorporates a cabe car, railway and walk into your Blue Mountains experience.

Who'd have thought it - the Blue Mountains are actually blue!! All to do with the eucalyptus oil apparently.

I spend lots of the day walking, taking in the views, but its a baking hot day so call it quits and jump on the 4.25pm train - they only go every hour which I think is the most insane thing ever. Trying to get on is akin to getting on the central line at Bank station in London at 5.30pm!

Oh I'm in need of a nice glass of wine when I get back! Sparkling Shirley Shiraz - such a great idea!!

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Sydney - Day 5

overcast 23 °C
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3rd January 2009

Out the bed I jump for my day of Sydney action - the day is overcast and fairly cool which i'm pretty pleased about. I psyche myself up throwing a few 'Rocky' style punches and I'm good to go! Sydney Harbour Bridge? Piece of cake! Myclmib ttime is 9.35am so arrive about 9.10am giving myself plenty of time to worry about my fitness ability to do this! I avoid the need to talk to myself in the mirror... "you're a tiger..grrrr" no motivational chants for me! But isn't it just typical that my guide is a 6ft4in stapping Australian hunk called Adam who looks like he's just come straight off Bondi... I need to focus, I need to concentrate! Even my blood pressure doesn't give me the excuse not to climb so I don my beautiful grey jump suit (surely Tom Ford or Roberto Cavalli has something to say about these??), my hat, walkie talkie and rain pouch. I feel gorgeous. Worst of all, I actually have to walk along the street like this - Deborah Yardley you could have warned me!!!! Still, if Anna Nicole Smith and Harry Potter can do it, I can do it!

We start our climb and I'm with a good bunch. Thankfully after the first section to the first pylon, the path beneath you is covered but still disconcerting when you first start. The next section I now realise is to be the worst and really nothing I can't now handle after my efforts of last week at The Pinnacle. Its a straight upwards climb up about 6 flights of stairs which you have to do all at once or you're holding up the line. The fact that you suddenly appear between two lines of traffic feels insignificant as you climb higher and higher. Upon reaching the top, a slow arched walkway is before us which takes us to the top of the bridge - easy peasy! After a number of photos and a chat through the different viewpoints (including a massive cruise ship which has suddenly appeared!), we head on down back to base.

I've done it! Thanks for such a memorable Christmas present Kathy and Tony!! xxx

I'm sad to leave my grey jumpsuit behind but The Rocks weekend market is calling me and my credit card. Didn't buy a great deal, just a photo to remind me of my climb. I decide to jump back on the Explorer bus for another tour around. I stop at Mrs Macquaries Point to get the pictures I couldn't get on New Years Eve and then back on the bus to Paddys Market in Chinatown. By this time, having drunk very little and not had food, my head is painful so rather than trawl through the markets (which, to be fair, are akin to the ones we get back home!), I head for a drink and a rest. Back on the Explorer bus to Circular Quay and despite having good intentions to catch up on my blog, I'm'' thinking that an early night may be a better idea?! I must be getting old!!

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Sydney - Day 4

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2nd January 2009

Time to get motivated and get out there - there's a City to conquer!

I get into Circular Quay about 11.30am and treat myself to a starbucks - cinnamon roll and a gingerbread (wait for it)... frappucino?!! Not quite the same but to be honest, in the heat, much more refreshing! Although, if I'm honest, the heat doesn't seem to be here today. How rude! Not such a bad thing when you want to explore though.

I head up to the Rocks and get distracted by shops! Always a bad thing! I wonder into the tourist office and buy myself a 3 day explorer ticket that I can use over the next few days. It allows me to get onto the hop on hop off buses and the ferries and the trains and all sorts - seems like a good deal!

I continue to wonder round the shops and in the forefront of my mind is where I have to get to to do my bridge climb in the morning - yes, i'm climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, courtesy of my lovely sister Kathy! Once I know where I'm going, I decide to do a stint on the bus around all the major sights, mapping out where I'm going to go over the next few days. Its a good 2 hours worth of travel so it keeps me out of trouble too!

When I finish, I head back to the station and end up in the internet cafe chatting away to my Dad who is up early and can't sleep! After that, an early night ready for my early start tomorrow - Bridge Climb day!

Oh and I forgot to mention, last night I realised I might have something wrong... I have burnt my head in the sun from New Years Eve - badly. I won't go into details but suffice to say, I'm worried about losing clumps of hair..nice! Lagy, if you're reading this, I know you won't be impressed with me!

So, my main purchase today was tea tree oil to bathe my head in - it stings and i feel like a freak. I hope it gets better!!! If only I hadn't chosen vanity over slip slap slop - never forget the hat!!!!

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New Years Day - Sydney 2009

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1st January 2009

Firstly, a reflection on 2008 - a year of immense change for me. I quit my job of 11 years, I moved away from Birmingham for a while, I lost some weight, I went to the gym, I did some childminding, I turned 30 and I left my family and friends behind whilst I started to travel the World..... I think I did pretty well!

So, in the words of Julius Caesar, 2008 for me, "Veni, Vidi, Vici..." - I came, I saw, I conquered! I'm pretty proud of myself I have to say!

Onto 2009, it doesn't get much better than starting it in Sydney does it? Considering that I didn't get to bed until 3am and spent all day in the sun yesterday, I'm going to be taking it easy today - a proper clear out day! I sort out some stuff to send home in the post and get up to date with my journal, my itinerary and do some washing!

I don't venture out of the apartment but I treat myself by opening my bottle of sparkling shirley shiraz and some christmas cake!

Its so nice to be able to just rest! I don't feel guilty about it at all and I make the most of it - looking at what I want to do and see around Sydney, I have my work cut out for me over the next few days!

An early-ish night tonight after some pasta, some wine and some movies... good times!

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